Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Voting in flavour

The campaigns for next month's general election have so far been bland. A steady dribble of uninspiring manifestos have blurred all the major parties into one, so to inject some life into proceedings, here's the definitive guide to the candidates. In snack form.

Tories: Walker's Steak & Onion
Supposedly reinvented and radical but, in truth, just a recycled idea (Beef & Onion) which was always a second-rate product.

Labour: Walker's Sensations
A more middle-class brand than its original incarnation, arguably losing its soul in a whirlwind of buffalo mozarella and fancy advertising.

Lib Dems: Salt & Vinegar Discos
The dominant force a long time ago, steadily regaining a reputation as a genuine alternative.

Plaid Cymru: Ruffles
Initially laughed off by its loftier peers, has gradually built itself a growing, loyal following.

Scottish National Party: McCoy's Flame Grilled Steak
Unswervingly independent in its rise to the top. Substantial.


Virginia Newman said...

What about Green, UKIP + BNP?

Anonymous said...

Green: Rice Crackers
Seems, at first glance, to be a good idea. However, upon closer inspection turns out to be lacking any real substance.

Laukei said...

BNP: Twiglets.
British-made. A pungent flavour you either love or hate.